Lisbon, Portugal

May 2 & 3, 2020

Greetings, O Noble Warlords, Chieftains & Leaders of men!


We are the Brotherhood of SAGA Portugal (Fratres Sagorum Portucalem), and we invite you to participate in our First SAGA Slugfest, in Lisbon, on 2 & 3 May 2020.


Test your mettle against the likes of William the Conqueror, King Arthur, Subutai or Rommel! (Sorry! Got carried away…)


Help us to make this SAGA Slugfest the singles event of the year! We offer a truly magnificent venue (the Portuguese Navy Museum), beautiful weather (so says our Weather Shaman…), and a Senior Judge who can turn the most battle-hardened Templar into a whimpering wreck!

And years from now, when your children ask you, ‘Daddy, what did you do in 2020’! You’ll be able to answer proudly: ‘I made history happen in the First SAGA Slugfest.’